empowering new futures..

The Eden Foundation is a pioneering not-for-profit social enterprise whose purpose is to catalyse human potential, promote social and sustainable innovation, and create real transformative change.

inspiring innovation through potential..

Our vision of a joyful, equitable and resilient world for present and future generations underpins all that we do. A world in which the potential of the individual self and the creative application of its wisdom combine to support a new awareness-based existence.

embracing transformative change..

We are committed to providing purposeful and creative public program initiatives, designed for individuals, businesses and communities to experience a higher sense of awareness and connection, as well as a new way of living, thinking and being.

new futures, realised..

The Foundation aims to meet today's challenges of human prosperity and well-being by contributing towards a comprehensive advancement of the potential of individuals, communities and the environment.


Help Us Create a New Future..


Our vision is to be a global leader in creating a society of joyful, equitable and resilient living through social and sustainable innovation for present and future generations.


During 2013, our focus is to:

 - Initiate social entrepreneurial innovation

 - Comment on, and advise on social policy

- Create opportunities for public talks from interesting experts from around the world


We hope you find our site of interest and look forward to meeting or working with you in the near future.


Eden Foundation




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